1988 Chevy Pickup Custom Aluminum Bed Cover

A customer of Sieberts Body Shop had talked to me about building an aluminum bed cover for his truck, because he had an extra deep custom toolbox in the front and he could not find one to fit, or one that he liked. At the time, i told him no, I had too much to do. After about the 3rd time of asking me, i finally gave in, and the project started. Things that were important to him, were that we make it from aluminum, that it had good weatherstripping for sealing, hinged at the center stake pockets for extra strength (reason for the filler panel), attached to the toolbox with weatherstripping, needed to lock, have gas springs that provided proper lift, but not too much, blend well with the toolbox, and be painted the same as the top of the truck. (painting done by PJ at Siebert Custom Paint & Body)