Customer Projects

Custom projects to meet the needs of our customers.

51 Mercury Custom Light Lenses

Perry SR from Sieberts Custom Paint and Body was working on a Mercury and wanted the grille to be just right. He decided on a grille bar made from oval stainless tubing in a V shape with lights on the ends. He found some lights that he liked from another old car, but the lenses were red and not available in clear. He talked to me and I said sure we could probably make some, but it will take some time to find the right material from what was available, design and machine the lenses. He said lets get started.

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51 Mercury - Buick Stainless Modification

Perry SR from Sieberts Custom Paint and Body was working on a Mercury and really liked some stainless side trim from a Buick and thought it would look just right on the Merc, but it was not the right length and in multiple pieces. He asked me if I could weld it together without being able to tell it was welded together as he has seen alot that dont look good. I told him I think I could do a pretty good job, but it may take quite a long time. He said thats what he wanted, so he supplied me with the pieces tacked together and I started the project.

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64 Charger Concept Car Stainless Grille

A local friend that is in to Mopars and works on them too, wanted some stainless trim pieces from another application, cut and pasted together as well as bent in the middle for a 1964 Dodge Charger Concept car. He had started on it and then decided that he had other things he wanted to do, and that I would do a better job anyways, so I told him I could work it in. I didn't get them perfect, but to a very acceptable final product in my opinion considering what i was asked to do.

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Stainless Tubing Beader

A custom designed and built tubing beader for stainless tube used to make the Push N Putt Golf accessory. Snippet from Jerry's Letter of Recommendation (see the whole thing at the end of the album)....
"With my latest gadget that is now pending – I literally had at least eight or ten companies tell me what I was trying to do could not be done - and these were not small companies.
Thank goodness for Google – after continuing to research for answers I found Wolfe’s Metal Fabrication – and really what I found is Brian Wolfe. Wolfe’s metals have now made me two machines that do what others said could not be done."

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Aluminum Bed Cover

A customer of Sieberts Body Shop had talked to me about building an aluminum bed cover for his truck, because he had an extra deep custom toolbox in the front and he could not find one to fit, or one that he liked. At the time, i told him no, I had too much to do. After about the 3rd time of asking me, i finally gave in, and the project started. Things that were important to him, were that we make it from aluminum, that it had good weatherstripping for sealing, hinged at the center stake pockets for extra strength (reason for the filler panel), attached to the toolbox with weatherstripping, needed to lock, have gas springs that provided proper lift, but not too much, blend well with the toolbox, and be painted the same as the top of the truck. (painting done by PJ at Siebert Custom Paint & Body)

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40 Ford Signature Engraving

PJ was building a 1940 Ford for a customer in rememberance of a family member Kenny Gritz. They wanted to put his signature on the motor, so he had me do a custom engraving of his actual signature that we scanned from an old document.

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41 Lincoln Hinge Pins and Knobs

Making some quick stainless hinge pins for a 1941 Lincoln Continental. PJ from Sieberts Custom Paint & Body was working on the Lincoln, and he wanted some stainless hinge pins, which he could not find. He asked me, and I told him sure I can help you out. We had some bolts at our disposal, so I popped some out for him.

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Bobcat Root Ripper Bucket

I was contacted by a local farmer who wanted a bucker for his bobcat similar to regular "Stump Buckets" although he wanted it to have a smaller opening and fit some special requirements.

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1932 Ford Quarter Scale

A customer was building a 1/4 scale 1932 Ford and wanted me to build a chassis for it. He did the final welding of the crossmembers to be sure that it fit the body correctly.

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32 Ford AC Vent Bezels

Pj was building a 1932 ford and had me cutout some aluminum bezels so he could make some custom AC vents for the dash. I cut them out, and he cleaned them up and polished them.

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Fire Pit Grate

I was asked by a local customer if i could make a large firepit grate with a hinged side and get it done ASAP for a gift. Sure, why not.

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Figure 8 Race Trophies

Local Figure racing group NeFigure8n wanted some trophies made.

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51 Mercury Wiper Escutcheons

Perry SR's Mercury had custom wipers installed, but the trim pieces that were available, were not what he wanted. I was helping him look for some, and then mentioned that i could make him some that would be close to what he was looking for. He didn't waste any time in telling me to get started.

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Aluminum Fuel Tank Modification

Perry SR was putting a gas tank in a customers truck and wanted the filler to be exactly in a certain spot because of the wooden bed floor and billet filler door. It was not close enough for the hose to connect to it, so he had me move it over. (tank had never been filled with gas prior to welding)

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Bumper Mount Back Up Sensors

Customer wanted to mount some back up sensors on the rear bumper of a Model A pickup. I machined some aluminum housings to make them a little nicer than the original plastic cases.

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IMAGE 00049  Welding up some suspension parts for Sieberts Body shop.
1 Welding up some suspension parts for Sieberts Body shop.