Shop Projects

Projects done for our shop, for future products or for fun.

CNC Plasma Cutting and Engraving Table Build (Alpha Wolf Prototype)

After buiding my first low cost CNC (computer numerical control) plasma cutting table and using it to cut out thousands of great parts, i decided it was time for an upgrade. I wanted higher accuracy, easier maintenance, a plate marking scribe attachment, ability for other attachments, ventilation, Industrial quality and a good looking machine. I was not interested in purchasing one, as I thought cost vs quality and features, i could do much better and it would be fun as well. The table started as pencil drawings and research in December of 2013, with many hours of nitpicking of different designs and their flaws, advantages of others and countless rough sketches of ideas. Then started some CAD drawing of my ideas that were changed before they were made, and some after i made a prototype and found things I wanted to improve. This was all done after normal work hours and on the weekends and it became a functioning table the middle of 2014 with a few minor tweaks to be made. I am very satisfied with the machine, enough so, that i may put together a "Kit" that would allow others to own an Industrial quality USA made machine at a reasonable price.

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Rotary Welding Positioner

I got tired of welding in circles by hand and cleaning up the mess that sometimes was made, so i decided to build a Rotary Welding Positioner with a 3 jaw chuck, variable speed and a on/off footswitch. It makes circular welds very easy and clean for MIG or TIG.

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English Wheel Adjuster Prototype

An English Wheel Adjuster that was on my to do list and PJ needed one, so we bumped it up on the list and made a working prototype for him. Will become a production item when time is available. Inquire if Interested.

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Golf Cart Aluminum Gas Tank

Why such a nice gas tank for a golf cart? Because it has a 3 wheeler motor in it with a clutchless 5 speed, can do 50mph and I like cool!

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