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NOW AVAILABLE! Alpha Wolf CNC Plasma/Scribe/Router Gantry Kit
(Similar to our original shop designed and built unit with a few improvements)
1. You supply some steel and weld up the tubular table structure (any length).
2. Purchase an electronics and software kit from our linked USA source.
3. We supply the Gantry or Gantry parts (the engineered hard part).
4. Easily and repeatably cut out Great parts on an Industrial Quality Table!

NOW AVAILABLE! RTC1 CNC Rotary Tube Cutting Chuck 4th Axis Attachment
After many inquiries we now finally have a production model of our CNC Rotary Chuck available for purchase!

Current Projects under Development
(or hoping to get to soon)

Started and Under Construction! New Large Photo Album of our vastly diverse Machining, Welding and Fabrication
projects big and small!
For the Sieberts Custom Paint and Body album of restoration and Street Rod photos, visit

Hoping to get to soon!  Shrinking Disc Techniques and Repairs DVD

Delayed!  Video Installation of a custom set of Easy Weld Boxing Plates on 29 Chevy rails, underneath a 28 Model A!

Being Considered! Rotary Welding Positioner Table/Chuck (Similar to the shop built unit) Inquire if Interested!

On Hold! Extended Swingarms for Yamaha Blasters
They will fit a stock carrier and shock and will be available from stock length up to +12".  More info
when further in development.

On Hold! Warrior, Grizzly and Raptor 350 swingarms!  More info when further in development.

Popular Featured Products

"Easy Shrink" Shrinking Discs
Shrink overstretched areas and repair damaged sheet metal to a like new condition,
making for a better quality, longer lasting finish with little or no body filler at all!

"Easy Weld" Frame Boxing Plates
Solids    1928 -1931 Model A, Model T , 32 Ford and NOW 1933 - 1934 Ford as well as 1935 - 1940 Fords
Adds much needed strength to original frames for our modern day roads and fast driving!
Available in 1/8" (10 gauge) and 3/16" (Model A's), Our "Easy Weld" plates makes fitting & Welding EASY!

Dimpled     1928 - 1931 Model A and 1932 Ford and NOW 1933 - 1934 Ford as well as 1935 - 1940 Fords "Dimpled"
or "Belled"
"Easy Weld" Boxing Plates
and NOW Just like the rest of our popular plates, except now you can get them Dimpled for a Totally
Unique Look!  Great for a Unique touch, Fenderless, Hoodless, or even rat rods!

We also now have Model A sets that are available to ship Internationally to length restricted locations such as,
Australia, Asia, Mexico, South America and Others!

Footpeg Extensions for Yamaha Banshees
Widen, Extend and add New SHARP Aggressive Grip to your stock footpegs!

Extended Swingarms for Yamaha Banshees
They fit a stock carrier and shock and are available from stock length up to +12"


We have made updates to our automatically calculated shipping for Domestic, Alaska/Hawaii, Canada and International
shipments.  We are hoping that it will now work much smoother.
If you encounter any troubles, please contact us.

We would like to expand the number of dealers that are offering our Shrinking Discs and Boxing Plates.
Please contact us if interested.

We would like to add some more Testimonials to our site.  Get your name, project and your thoughts (pictures welcome
also!) added to our
Testimonials page by sending one in.

We specialize Shrinking Discs and other specialty metal fabrication tools, that are used in the automotive industry,
motorcycle or chopper building, aircraft repair and other businesses and hobbies that involve custom metalworking or
metalshaping, as well as our "Easy Weld" Frame Boxing Plates for early Fords and more to come!

Other specialty areas include, Custom and Light Production CNC Plasma Cutting, Machining and Welding for projects
pertaining to, but not limited to, Street Rods and ATVs.

If you are interested in hiring us to do a project for you...
See our
Services page for more info.
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!New Large Photo Album!
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