Rear Frame Stubs for 33 - 34 Fords Cars and Trucks

These started out as a custom request from a customer as he was not pleased with the quality
and fitment of other stamped aftermarket options.  He was very pleased with our solution!

These are hand built and made 1 at a time, not stamped or made in production quantities, and
currently made to order. (please allow a couple weeks)  They are true to form to the original
contour and shape of the frame.  They run to the center of the rear crossmember and are made
with the appropriate holes drilled for gas tank, spreader bar, etc as well as the reinforcemtn
plates and a hole at the location of the rear rivet of the rear crossmember to allow perfect
alignment when installing if you choose to use the whole lenth (or cut short per your application).

Installation (using full length)
Remove the rearmost rivet of the rear crossmember, line up with a bolt or rivet in the original
hole and the stubs rivet hole, bolt the spreader bar in place and place a straightedge (angle
iron works) on top of the rails to keep them running straight, make diagonal measurements to
ensure square installation as well as double check other important dimensions, tack weld,
double check measurements and weld in.  You can also put a reinforcement plate behind the
spliced joint if you like for more strength, and it will be behind the rear crossmember.

To state the obvious..some assembly, fitting and welding is required.
33 - 34 Ford Rear Frame Stubs

1933 - 1934 Ford
Rear Frame Stubs